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  • Ricardo Chávez
    Verified customer of VitiligoShop

    Good service!! Appreciate the great customer service!!

    Reply from VitiligoShop

    Thank you so much for your kind review!

  • Semira Nurhussen
    Verified customer of VitiligoShop

    The product does not cove vitiligo as it show on the video

    Reply from VitiligoShop

    Dear Semira,

    I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the self tanner you ordered.
    I hope I can help you with some tips to make this product work for you:
    1. At first scrub the skin with the scrub (that you received for free in our promotion of this moment)
    2. Wait for at least 24 hours before you apply the self tanner
    3. Spray the self tanner on the Marc Inbane Kabuki Brush or Glove
    4. Apply a first layer on the white spots, lightly spread it out over the borders of the white spot
    5. If this does not cover enough, wait for minimum 15 minutes and apply a second layer on the white spot ánd the normal skin
    6. After applying, wait for 15 minutes to dry the self tanner before you put your clothes on. Please be careful with light clothes, it still can stain a little.
    7. Do not shower or use any water on the spots within 3 hours of applying

    Please check the videos on our website:
    They show how to apply the self tanner in a right way.

    However, self tanner is no perfect camouflage. Like you can see on the pictures on our website, coverage is not as good as for example Coverderm foundation. If you want perfect coverage, you should use a product like that. But that is a foundation that you have to get on and off every day. Self tanner covers a bit less, but stays on for 3 to 9 days, which is very nice if you are on a holiday or don't want to use any make-up.
    We will explain this better on our website, I am sorry that it was not clear enough.

    I hope you will give the self tanner a new chance, because it really is a very good product which I like to use myself.

    Best regards, Jeannette Kershof

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  • Michal Faško
    Verified customer of VitiligoShop


  • Christiane CHAILLY
    Verified customer of VitiligoShop

    Your shop has been very fast in my parcel packaging and sending. My order tracking was clear. Paypal can be used on your site, so I was confident.

  • Susan Lidster
    Verified customer of VitiligoShop

    Service was great

  • Polona Adamič
    Verified customer of VitiligoShop

    Very good.

  • Tina Duka
    Verified customer of VitiligoShop

    because they have the only treatment that can reverse Vitiligo when it is on the onset of losing pigmentation. apply it right away as soon as you see it. it will not go away when its been years. it has to be as soon as it starts to show lightening of the skin. apply day and night constantly.

  • Gail White
    Verified customer of VitiligoShop

    We received much needed information and solutions.

  • Zdenka Bedrac
    Verified customer of VitiligoShop

    Fast delivery

  • Nancy Coconi
    Verified customer of VitiligoShop

    For its customer service

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