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  • Katerina
    Review for Next Level

    Fully satisfied with everything. The quality, the customer service, the team! They are all awesome! Thank you next level ๐Ÿ’œ

  • Emc
    Review for Next Level

    Great product & service - recommend

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  • Patty25
    Review for Next Level

    What an awesome service. Great product and special requests answered. I highly recommend this online shop. They are fantastic and deserve 10 stars..

  • Alexa
    Review for Next Level

    Always amazing! Eveytime i had an issue they always fixed it without saying a word! 5 stars

  • kratommeke
    Review for Next Level

    snelle levering en de beste deal

  • Sascha
    Review for Next Level

    Fijne producten, duidelijke site en snelle en betrouwbare levering!

  • Kees
    Review for Next Level

    Brievenbus pakket niet ontvangen. Dit aan de helpdesk gemeld. Wel contact gehad met de helpdesk maar laat niets meer weten hoe en wat er is gebeurd. En hoe dit op te lossen.

  • Wesley
    Review for Next Level

    Erg snelle service

  • Erwin van Diepen
    Review for Next Level

    Excellent Services every time I order

  • Marita
    Review for Next Level

    Made a purchase to my son in another country and he got a bad batch. You promised a refund but still nothing yet and this was in april... No more stalling, pls!

  • dnera
    Review for Next Level

    Snel, betrouwbaar, ook als spullen niet aankomen. Gewoon even met Frank bellen!

  • Richard
    Review for Next Level

    Fijne service, goede nazorg. Het product dat ik bestelde kwam beschadigd aan, foto laten zien van de situatie en ik kreeg zeer spoedig een heel exemplaar opgestuurd! Een mooi bedrijf herken je aan hoe ze omgaan met tegenslag.

  • Trinity
    Review for Next Level

    I'm from the UK and buy from this store regularly. Never had any issues with customs or the product before hand this incident. Prior to the incident im about to talk about customer service was great. I am a returning customer, I brought 5 b+ cubensis shrooms as they always yield amazing for me without fail. On this occasion all 5 were somewhat infected, they had red dots on the soil and they came out rotten. I refused to believe it was my fault as they were monitored and in the same condition as my previous purchases. I asked customer service if I could get a refund. Not only were they super rude and unprofessional. At one point they started ignoring me. Would blame me and act like I'm a total inconvenience. I got a refund which I am yet to see. Guys name was frans.

  • HearTcore Aya & Henk Roeland
    Review for Next Level

    M'n/Het pakketje met de Pure Cacao was niet aangekomen, echter volgens bezorgdienst Pack wel en was er door mij ook voor getekent, terwijl wij die dag ergens anders waren. Next Level heeft mij direct één nieuwe kilo Cacao toegestuurdt. SUPER (klanten)SERVICE. HarTeLEUK Dank Frans, George & JanneMan ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Peer
    Review for Next Level

    Snel, goed en betrouwbaar

  • Jiri Beloch
    Review for Next Level

    I purchased two grow kits - Copelandia Hawaiian and Golden Teacher. The Copelandia Hawaiian grow kit contained different species (probably some cubes) and due to different growing requirements, it got infected. The Golden Teacher grew tiny green mold after 3 weeks despite me working in a clean environment and following the tutorial carefully. I removed the mold and after 4 weeks a first pin appeared, I don't expect fruitful harvesting though. The customer support was the worst experience I have ever had - no response for several days, no answering any of my questions, and no being able to advise any further steps, only blaming me for mistakes I haven't made. I don't recommend buying any grow kits from this seller.

  • Caroline
    Review for Next Level

    I'd like to make people in the UK aware of the risks involved in buying from Next level or any store from NL. I purchased a few bags of truffles and obviously UK shipping fees cost more than the products. I understood that and read their disclaimer that sometimes parcels get intercepted at the border. My truffles never arrived to be because yes they were intercepted, but the extra part that I wasn't aware could happen was the police coming knocking on my door! This upset my whole family because the officers came round in the evening when everyone was getting ready for bed. I am now on record and the whole experience was super embarrassing and distressing for my family. UK customers be warned! This is not the way to go...try another route. I was treated like a real criminal by police and all for a few bags of truffles that never came! I lost my truffles, my money and now my dignity!

  • Luigi
    Review for Next Level

    Best shop on the web:
    - 1 Day delivery in Malta
    - Super costumer care
    - Reliable products
    - Friendly and relatable people
    If you want the best this is the place to go!

  • Johnn
    Review for Next Level

    Great shipping services (delivery,safety, privacy, arrivel time) and best quality products!

  • Anne
    Review for Next Level

    Betaalbaar, snel, betrouwbaar, en goed assortiment!