Vivasan Webshop English

Vivasan Webshop English

Vivasan is a direct sales company in essential oils, therapeutic creams, natural hair care products, cosmetics and biological active herbal food supplements produced by well-known Swiss and Italian manufacturers, such as Vivasan, Sanotint, Migliorin, Cosval and Locherber.
Vivasan International Web shop imports and distributes. Products are made in accordance with the high Swiss quality standards.
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  • Oksana Galak
    Verified customer of Vivasan Webshop English

    Quality of products

  • Annemary Oana Chelemen
    Review for Vivasan Webshop English

    Because yoy have the best products ever ❤

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    How do you rate this webshop?
  • Herman van Mechelen
    Review for Vivasan Webshop English


    I just want to thank you for excellent communication and service!
    Great web site, customer service, and reliable products. I will refer my friends!!!

    Thank you very much for your business!!!

  • Herman van Mechelen
    Review for Vivasan Webshop English

    Very good webshop with excellent products and service.