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  • Peter
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    Fantastic workmanship would recommend you to anyone easily assembled and fitted my speakers properly many thanks Peter well done

  • Eddie
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    Excellent Product and Service to Ireland.

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  • Lionel J Sellers
    Verified customer of

    Very easy ordering and delivery to the US was quick as promised. These speaker floor stands are exactly what I was looking for to mount my Polk SR2 wireless surround speakers. Very high quality and look great.

  • David Wilson
    Verified customer of

    Excellent product , enabling the rear speakers to enhance the overall surround sound in my room

  • Peter Cooper
    Verified customer of

    It hasn't arrived yet!

  • Jonathan Batty
    Verified customer of

    Excellent speaker stands. Extremely robust and easy to assembly. Very quick delivery given they are shipped from the Netherlands. Import charges may apply though. I was charged £35 but this isnt anything that Vebos can prevent. Well done Vebos, my seaker stands are built to last a lifetime. Im in the UK not the US

  • George Todinca
    Verified customer of

    Fits well, good equipment.

  • Alan K Havery
    Verified customer of

    Great service and arrived much quicker than anticipated. Fantastic product too

  • Ryan
    Verified customer of

    Great service with top quality products. Highly recommended

  • Stephen Dickson
    Verified customer of

    Great speaker stands for Sony rear speakers. High quality finish. They look good in the room.

  • Norma L. S. Cavey
    Verified customer of

    Delivered very quickly. Lovely stands go perfectly in my room.

  • Martin Hayman
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  • Scumbag.
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    Avoid buying of this company they are a scam ! If your from the UK bare in mind import charges, they dont tell you about ! They also didnt give me a refund after sending me wrong item !?? And ignoring my email. I have proof so now they can respond with anything they like.

  • David A Prideaux
    Verified customer of

    Over expensive and engineered for such small speakers also not adjustable.

  • Keith Adams
    Verified customer of

    I love the stand

  • Ann Barnett
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    Great service fast and efficient. Excellent

  • Andrej Štibor
    Verified customer of

    Fast delivery within the EU, the product as advertised.

  • Brent
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    I ordered 2 products. 1) Speaker stands for Denon 150 speakers and 2) speaker stands for Denon 350 speakers. Problem #1, Vebos had Denon 150 speaker stands in stock but would not ship them to me until backordered Speaker stands for Denon 350 speaker were back in stock. They told me they were doing this because it was less expensive to ship both sets at the same time. Only problem with explanation is that no matter what they charged $75/speaker stand set to ship whether you bought 1 set or 2 sets so in the end they charged me $150 for shipping and made me wait. Problem #2, now that I waited all of these weeks, the speaker stand set for the Denon 150's came in with all expected and needed parts but the speaker stand set for the Denon 350 speakers is missing all of the screws and the rubber feet for the base plate so as of now I cannot assemble the speaker stands for Denon 350 speakers. Please expedite needed hardware for Denon 350 speaker stands immediately.

    April 5th update: I don't know if Vebos customer support is understaffed or what the problem is but it is very difficult to get any communication out of them. 3 days ago, they told me missing parts were ready to be shipped to me but so far I cannot get them to actually tell me who they are using for shipping and what the tracking number is so I have no idea if missing parts actually got shipped or when it will arrive.

    April 8th: Still no word on whether Vebos has shipped missing parts!!

  • Jared WC de Vallier
    Verified customer of

    Item never arrived

  • Raed Alsaljah
    Verified customer of

    Thank you for the great product and services 🌹