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Somnishop NET

Henkestraße 91
91052 Erlangen
KvK HRB 14487

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Somnishop NET

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286 ratings

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Somnishop NET

Mark pfleghaar rated on 2019-08-14

Fast Shipping From Germany to the United States. Their products are the real deal, not the cheap product's found on Amazon U.S. I have tried them all.

Somnishop NET

David Kay rated on 2019-08-09

It came from Germany to UK quite quickly. Free postage too

Somnishop NET

David Waterman rated on 2019-08-07

My order was dispatched promptly and arrived well packaged and exactly as ordered.

Somnishop NET

Scott McKenzie rated on 2019-08-06

Order despatched from Germany and received safely in the UK within a few days.

Somnishop NET

Damian Hill rated on 2019-08-05

I received this survey before I received my product.

Somnishop NET

Ray Mort rated on 2019-08-02

I was impressed by the speed of four days in receiving my order and the attention given to its security. Please accept my thanks and the assurance of repeat business where the need arises.

With thanks and good wishes.

Somnishop NET

Francisca Rios rated on 2019-07-30

It’s been over a week and I’m still waiting for my product to arrive!

Reply from Somnishop NET:
Dear customer, we have sended your package on the same day that you've placed the order. Please understand that it take some time to ship overseas. Your order is currently in the USA and in transit.

Team Somnishop
Somnishop NET

Lucy and del rated on 2019-07-23

Thanks we are sleeping together in the same bed for the first time in a year

Somnishop NET

Michael Steinberg rated on 2019-07-19

Quick delivery and product availability.

Somnishop NET

David Clayton rated on 2019-07-18

I'm used to a dentist moulded snore guard.....o bought this as a temporary replacement. It serves it's purpose for a while. It doesn't allow mouth breathing and seems expensive for what it is.

Reply from Somnishop NET:
Dear customer,
Thank you for your feedback. Please know that we also sell snoring mouthpieces that do allow mouth breathing, you can find more info on this page:

Should you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Team Somnishop
Somnishop NET

Christos Papaellinas rated on 2019-07-16

Somnishop net, sent the order very quickly, although I am used to slower deliveries from e-bay.
Thanks so much!!!

Somnishop NET

Howard Knights rated on 2019-06-11

Good easy to use site with swift delivery. Well done

Somnishop NET

Jackie Barnes rated on 2019-05-21

Good website. Cheapest I could find my product. Delivered promptly and undamaged.

Somnishop NET

David Hosker rated on 2019-05-18

Somnishop NET

David Finnegan rated on 2019-05-17

Somnishop NET

Annette rated on 2019-05-17

easy to order, prompt delivery - could do with an english language brochure

Somnishop NET

Michael Pilletere rated on 2019-05-15

Somnishop NET

Melisa Duque rated on 2019-05-14

Somnishop NET

Mario Milanta rated on 2019-05-14

Somnishop NET

Anonymous rated on 2019-05-08

I was hesitant ordering product from overseas The process was very easy. The billing and shipping were no problem. Arrived In US much quicker than expected. Price and service was great. Thank You

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WebwinkelKeur is a non-profit quality mark, started due to the discontent with existing quality marks. Our goal is to provide a safe quality mark for an affordable price. We not only do legal verifications, but pay attention to customer satisfaction as well, as this is what your and our customers are interested in. This provides safety for your customers and results in higher conversion and revenues.

Independent mediation during conflicts

Even the best webshops eventually have to deal with unsatisfied customers. We can act as a 3rd party and help in solving the conflict. If this does not work, the possibility exists to submit the dispute to an dispute committee. They will provide us with a binding decision, so you will not end up with a yes/no discussion with the customer.

Complete customer ratings system

Only a quality mark to gain trust is not enough in todays market. However, the combination with the display of reviews is what convinces your customers. WebwinkelKeur offers a complete customer review system, where we make sure every review is honest and real.

Mystery shopping inspections

We are one of a kind due to our mystery shopper inspections. Using mystery shoppers we randomly check our members. Mystery shoppers are employees of WebwinkelKeur pretending to be real customers. This enables us to get a clear and independent view of your webshop.

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Most quality marks are too expensive and we believe that a quality mark should be accessible for everyone! You can receive all our advantages for only €7,- per month when paying per year. For exact costs, please take a look at costs and possibilities.

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