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Somnishop NET

Henkestraße 91
91052 Erlangen
KvK HRB 14487

Verified by WebwinkelKeur, aspirant member

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Somnishop NET

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261 ratings

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Somnishop NET

Carl Blackstock rated on 2019-03-06

Somniguard arrived as promised and was easy to fit. This is my second one and feels more compact than the previous version and is comfortable to wear.

Somnishop NET

mauro valente rated on 2019-03-06

Somnishop NET

Christopher Kuzniar rated on 2019-03-04

Good product with quick and efficient delivery

Somnishop NET

Pam rated on 2019-03-02

Good product, quickly absorbed into skin and definitely eases pain of arthritis.

Somnishop NET

Tatyana Kaziyeva rated on 2019-03-01

Somnishop NET

PJ Counihan rated on 2019-02-28

Very prompt service got what I ordered working perfectly wife delighted no snoring thanks pj

Somnishop NET

Olius Danyla rated on 2019-02-27

Somnishop NET

Masataka Hisakado rated on 2019-02-26

Somnishop NET

RICHARD martin rated on 2019-02-26

Reply from Somnishop NET:
Dear customer, we feel sorry that your shopping experience has been unsatisfying. Please let us know what went wrong / how we can improve our service.
Our customer service consultants are waiting for you to contact them, so that they can help you. You can contact us by phone: +44 (131) 5070017 during business hours
or write us an email :
We will be more then happy to assist you.
Somnishop NET

FRANK NIEDERCORN rated on 2019-02-26

Somnishop NET

Steve Stafford rated on 2019-02-22

Somnishop NET

Mike Kimmens rated on 2019-02-22

Somnishop NET

DESMOND KELLY rated on 2019-02-22

Ordered on line and kept up to date with delivery which was excellent.The product is very good and the customer service is very efficient

Somnishop NET

lothar mueller rated on 2019-02-21

The merchandise arrived from Europe on time and as ordered. No complaints and I shall order from this merchant again when the need arises.

Somnishop NET

Anthony Martin rated on 2019-02-20

Somnishop NET

Jeffrey Kimpton rated on 2019-02-15

Unbeatable price for an excellent product, Thankyou.

Somnishop NET

Ruud rated on 2019-01-24

Good products and service

Somnishop NET

Anonymous rated on 2019-01-20

Fast and uncomplicated processing and delivery. I have already ordered here several times and am always satisfied.

Somnishop NET

Anonymous rated on 2019-01-18

Somnishop NET

Anonymous rated on 2019-01-18

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Even the best webshops eventually have to deal with unsatisfied customers. We can act as a 3rd party and help in solving the conflict. If this does not work, the possibility exists to submit the dispute to an dispute committee. They will provide us with a binding decision, so you will not end up with a yes/no discussion with the customer.

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Only a quality mark to gain trust is not enough in todays market. However, the combination with the display of reviews is what convinces your customers. WebwinkelKeur offers a complete customer review system, where we make sure every review is honest and real.

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We are one of a kind due to our mystery shopper inspections. Using mystery shoppers we randomly check our members. Mystery shoppers are employees of WebwinkelKeur pretending to be real customers. This enables us to get a clear and independent view of your webshop.

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