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Industrieweg 62C
8071CV Nunspeet
0341 250 805
KvK 08021621

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T rated on 2016-07-01

Great service, very responsive to emails and questions. Quality key fob.

Shipping time
Customer service
Value for money
After sale and warranty

John Just rated on 2016-06-21

Good and quick

Stig rated on 2016-06-18

Wery good!

Shipping time
Customer service
Value for money
After sale and warranty

Ken rated on 2016-06-11

Thank you

Shipping time
Customer service
Value for money
After sale and warranty

Nicola rated on 2016-06-09

Ottimi venditore con spedizione velocissima bravi continuate così spero di fare ancora acquisti con voi serietà e professionalità 5 stelle

Shipping time
Customer service
Value for money
After sale and warranty

Richard R. rated on 2016-05-27

Very satisfied with the quick delivery and so easy to change the blade on the new key ,and great value .

Gov rated on 2016-05-07

The casing of the key was not up to quality. it was much to hard and did not seal against water etc. Neighter was it god enough quality to lock firmly. I will not use the key and casing. I my case It is much better to buy an original key and case.

However the service and delivery is excellent.

Shipping time
Customer service
Value for money
After sale and warranty

Reply from
Dear Customer,
This is an after market product and the quality is not always the same as the original one.
In some cases it's better and in some cases the quality is a little bit less.
If you are not satisfied about the product please return your order and we will pay you back the full price.


Alberto Abel coca infante rated on 2016-05-03

Ok Tutto perfetto


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