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  • Marit
    Review for Digital License

    Fabulous! You get your Windows product at a really good price. Support (John) is spot on. Quick and excellent service. Response within a minute and problem solving started within 5 min.

  • Nicolas
    Review for Digital License

    I purchased a windows 10 home key and it said that the key was already in use so I contacted them via email and within a day they helped me out.

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  • sheridan
    Review for Digital License

    I bought Microsoft Office and was a little dubious having read a lot of the reviews. I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Worth it. I had some teething troubles, but that was pc related. Once downloaded, the product installed perfectly. I input the product key, product activated immediately. I'm happy, I can get back to studying now. 100% recommended and NO, I'm not being paid for this review! Cheers to Gino and Fatima! Be well.

  • Mike
    Review for Digital License

    Good pricing, fast, after first key didn't worked out I got new one in like 2 minutes.

  • Antonella
    Review for Digital License

    Office is not active anymore. The program says the Product Key has been activated more than once, but I used it just in my PC. Totally disappointed!

  • Christophe
    Review for Digital License

    Clé de produit déjà utilisée et le service client ne répond pas à mes mails, je déconseille fortement ce site.

  • Joanne
    Review for Digital License

    Great service every time. I order off this store frequently. Would highly recommend.

  • Mihai C
    Review for Digital License

    They sent me a rong item and they ignored me when I told what happendno reply no nothing...

  • Roberto
    Review for Digital License

    Veloce e affidabile

  • jamie
    Review for Digital License

    the windows key didnt work and i still havent got a response from them

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